• You’ve set prices as high as possible, pushed hard to maximize sales efforts and aggressively reduced costs.  
  • But, your company’s results are still not where they need to be.
  • Now what?
  • A company that learns more about how human behavior really works is far more effective at helping employees, teams and leaders improve their performance, sometimes dramatically.  
If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.
— Patrick Lencioni

Hiring Mistakes-icon.png

Hiring Mistakes

  • Learn how hiring mistakes happen – they are predictable and naturally occurring
  • More effectively prevent hiring mistakes – average cost is 100% of an employee’s total annual compensation
  • Stay focused on ramping up new employees instead of figuring out how to get rid of them
  • Create an advantage over competitors as your hiring batting average improves
Our track record for hiring people who would be successful was awful. My success rate was 1 for 9. I would have been better off flipping a coin.
— Managing Partner, Commercial Real Estate Broker
employee turnover-icon.png

Employee Turnover

  • Better relationships with customers results in more sales
  • Spend less time starting over and more time focused on achieving and beating your business plan
  • Reduce the cost and distractions of re-posting openings, re-interviewing, re-hiring and re-training new employees.
  • More experienced employees provide a much higher return on investment
Our employee turnover, especially in sales, was embarrassing. One customer told me he had a stack of business cards for the last five salespeople from our company who called on him. He had little confidence that any of them would be around long enough to be a resource for him.
— CEO, Electrical supply company
Underperforming Sales Project Teams-icon .png

Underperforming Sales/Project Teams

  • Learn why team underperformance happens – it is predictable and naturally occurring
  • Help employees own the responsibility for growing, developing and performing better (instead of leaders owning the responsibility for making employees better)
  • Fix underperformance and you’ll stop leaving money on the table
  • Systematically build peak performers who deliver industry leading results – Peak performers provide 3-5x more of an ROI than average performers
  • Make competitors react to you (instead of the reverse)
  • Sell more to existing customers
  • Expand your customer base
  • Increase sales and market share
I’ve been frustrated for years at the performance of our sales team. It’s costing us a fortune and we’re not getting the ROI we know we should be getting. Some of my friends in the industry have the same frustration, but a few of them have high performing sales teams. If they can do it, I can do it.
— Founder and CEO, Information Technology services company
Leader Performance Challenges-icon.png

Leader Performance Challenges

  • Learn why leader performance challenges happen – it is predictable and naturally occurring 
  • Build more effective leaders; ineffective leaders create average/mediocre performers even out of peak performers
  • Prevent good/peak performers from leaving company
  • Effective leaders build more peak performers
With 14 locations, I see a correlation between effective leaders and better operational results. I’ve replaced some leaders, but how do I make all our leaders more effective. I think that’s the key to improving our results.
— COO, warehouse equipment sales and service company
Resisting Embracing Organizational Change-icon.png

Resisting/Embracing Organizational Change

  • Learn how and why organizational change works the way it does – it is predictable and naturally occurring
  • Identify an employee’s resistance based on the questions they’re asking and help them make progress
  • Teach employees how organizational change works and they will embrace changes more quickly
  • Spend less time on resistance to change and more time on improving operating and financial results
The most astounding thing I’ve seen in my career is the amount of resistance to the changes we’ve made over the years. We’ve made a few big changes, but most of them have been smaller. I’ve often see more resistance to the smaller changes. In 32 years with 3 companies, I’m sure resistance to change has cost us tens of millions of dollars.
— President & CEO, wholesale food distribution company